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Voter Information

This page should contain voter registration deadlines for your election, primary and election dates, polling locations, and any other information that might be helpful for prospective voters. To check your status and precinct. Please cut and paste the link below into your browser:

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Precincts in District 4:

Precincts: Precinct Name: Precinct Location:

Precinct 133     Fire Station # 19 650 NW 131st St, North Miami

Precinct 134     North Miami Church of the Nazarene  1195 NW 124th St, North Miami

Precinct 135     Sunkist Grove Community Center         12500 NW 13th Ave, North Miami 

Precinct 136     Miami Union Academy                          12600 NW 4 Avenue

Committee to Re-Elect Alix Desulme, District 4
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